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                Steven D. Atwood, M.D., FACP

Doctor Atwood retired in late 2018.
After 28 years of practice in Springfield, Doctor Atwood would like to pursue more travel and other endeavors.  
            It has been a privilege and honor to serve as a physician in the Ozarks.


             Serving the Ozarks since 1990
Doctor Atwood   provides primary and consultative medical care of adults. 
As a Primary Care Physician (PCP) 
emphasis is placed on diagnosis,   preventive health  ,   
common unexpected acute new illnesses, 
and continuity of care for long-term chronic conditions in both outpatient settings.  
Prior to retirement 2 years ago,  Doctor Atwood was  on staff at St. Johns / Mercy  Regional Medical Center 
& Cox South Regional Medical Center  and provided services for both health systems.
Now Doctor Atwood stays busy with volunteer medical work and other volunteer activities
and at last he has  more time to pursue his passion of hiking, camping, canoeing 
and is about to finish his quest to visit all 61 of the national parks


  Steven D. Atwood, MD, FACP

  • Education and Training: MD '78, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Internship and Residency: University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

  • Board Certification: Internal Medicine, 
    Geriatric Medicine

  • Professional memberships: AMA, ACP-ASIM, GCMS 

  • Clinical Interest: Oncology, Digital Communication, Cardiology, 
                                Pharmacology, Website Design/Database Mgmt

  • Other: Member Missouri ACP-ASIM council for several years:;  Member Oklahoma ACP & ASIM  council many years;
    Oklahoma Young Internist of the Year 1986;
    Missouri ASIM Distinguished Internist of the Year 1996
    Missouri ACP Laureate Award  2000
    Active Rotarian over 20 years;
    Office web master; Managed state internal medicine database many years: Very active Schweitzer Methodist Church & Rotary
    4 brothers also practice medicine in the Midwest 
    Hobbies:  Sailing, Hiking, Travel, Kayaking, Camping
    Bio:  click here


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