Steven D. Atwood, M.D., FACP
Internal Medicine and Family Health Care                       fax:   417-360-1474

To request medical records please just get a signed consent to the office.
            A release form is at the link below.

                        Release PDF format                                   

All records have been archived at an off site storage facility.  Now that the office has been closed and the physician retired for about 2 years, collection and preparation of records
involves considerable time and effort.  The base charge is $100 and must be paid in advance.
If the final charges are more or less a refund or extra bill will be issued.  Like the hospital, it generally
takes up to 4 weeks to get records sent.  Once you have faxed  back the signed release and made payment 
to our PayPal account the copies can be prepared and then made available 

When the office closed 2 years ago we arranged transfer of almost all records to local physicians that the
patient specified.  The hope is that our record management is now completed.

                request copies bill  PDF format              request copies bill  word processor format